Laurence Holbrook

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Health Issues - Growing old ain't for sissies, Bette Davis

These pages contain a history of my health problems over the last few years and related articles - This is probably of little interest to anyone except my personal friends - However, I welcome anyone who is experiencing similar difficulties or concerns over the same treatments or procedures to contact me with questions they may have - I would be happy to share my experiences as a patient - This page is not medical advice in any way, shape or form and is intended to provide support for those experiencing similar procedures -

On January 1st, 2006, I retired after 35 years of service from Westinghouse Electric/Northrop Grumman Corporation - in some respects I didn't want to, I liked my job and had a very good service record - but in other respects my performance wasn't what it used to be, my poor sleep patterns were interferring with work and personal productivity and the sleep specialist wasn't finding anything to improve my condition - Northrop Grumman was about to under go a reduction in force and requested volunteers to take a layoff - it meant that I got almost a year's salary in addition to my retirement that I already qualified for - I think it was a 'win-win' for both the company and me -

I stopped trying to solve the sleep dilema - if I'm tired, I just take a nap - I can always do tomorrow what I don't get done today - productivity is still low, but who cares? -

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