Sleep Videos

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All four of these GIF files cover the same sleep time -


1.) ViCam - Full Size, reduced color - 2.84 Meg - 56.6 Kb connection download: 7 min [DSL: 46 sec]

            ViCam full size reduced color


These other files don't show any more information than the above - they were intermediate files I created as I was attempting to figure out how to best display this information - the Logitech (#4) was a 'head shot' cam -


2.) ViCam - Full size and color  - 5.52 Meg - 56.6 Kb connection download: 13 min 38 sec [DSL: 1 min 30 sec]

            ViCam full size and color

3.) ViCam - Cropped picture, full color - 2.65 Meg - 56.6 Kb connection download: 6 min 32 sec [DSL: 43 sec]

            ViCam Cropped Image

4.) Logitech - Full size and color - 10.1 Meg - 56.6 Kb connection download: 24 min 56 sec [DSL: 2 min 45 sec]

            Logitech full size and color - upper torso only




These are animated GIF files - any web browser should have no problem displaying these files -


You should be able to right click and save the GIF to your hard drive, if you'd like - loading maybe quicker if you view it from your own hard drive -


Animated GIFs maybe restricted by popup blocking software, firewall settings and browser security settings, even if you save them to your hard drive - the problem is that after you've viewed the file from the 'net, your browser cache has a copy of that file in it and your software settings may prevent the animation from the browser cache as well - if you have a problem, send me a note and I'll be glad to help you out -


The GIF file should loop continuously - the playback may be 'lumpy' until the file has completely down loaded -


Full color in a GIF file is limited to 256 colors - even the full color version is a bit 'blotchy' -


The full size files include the time stamps from the video capture software - the cropped picture is the same size image as the full size, but the extra background has been removed, and unfortunately, the time stamps as well - I attempted to 'mark' the events in the cropped picture -


I used two cams one is a ViCam, the other a Logitech - The ViCam was used to capture an image of the whole body and took 134 pictures during the observation - the Logitech only captured the head and upper body - both cams were running at the same time and covered the same period of sleep  - however the Logitech kept triggering from the computer display flicker, which resulted in 300 pictures -


The ViCam GIFs better show the PLMs - The Logitech animation takes much longer to download, run and is the least interesting - primarily useful to help determine when I fell asleep and when I woke up -